DubaiTypes of Dubai Visas for Indians: Your Essential Guide

Types of Dubai Visas for Indians: Your Essential Guide

When it comes to visiting Dubai, Indian citizens have various visa options catering to different purposes. LeSo, a leading platform for online visa services, facilitates a seamless application process, ensuring the best cost and fastest delivery. Here are some types of Dubai visas that Indians can apply for:

Dubai Employment Visa For Indians

Ideal for Indian citizens with a work contract to work in Dubai.

Dubai Visa For Transit

If you are transiting through Dubai, applying for a Dubai transit visa is essential.

Dubai 5-Year Visa For Indians

A great option for regular visitors to Dubai, offering a 5-year validity.

Dubai Freelance Visa

Perfect for those seeking employment opportunities in Dubai without a fixed work contract.

Dubai Golden Visa For Indians

A prestigious visa granting Indians the opportunity to live, work, study, or start a business in Dubai.

Green Visa for Dubai

Tailored for entrepreneurs, skilled workers, and investors, allowing extended stays in Dubai.

Dubai Business Visa For Indians

Suited for Indians visiting Dubai for business-related activities like meetings, conferences, or negotiations.

Family Visa For Dubai

Designed for Indians planning to visit family members in Dubai.

UAE Remote Work Visa

Allows remote workers to work in Dubai without the need for a physical office.


For a comprehensive guide on all the different types of Dubai visas for Indian citizens, LeSo provides valuable insights. With LeSo, the visa application process becomes not just convenient but also cost-effective, ensuring the fastest delivery for your travel needs.

Explore the diverse range of Dubai visas tailored to specific requirements, all made easily accessible through LeSo's efficient online platform. Traveling to Dubai has never been more straightforward, thanks to LeSo's commitment to offering the best visa solutions for Indian citizens.