RussiaRussia E-Visa for Indians: Fees, Validity, Requirements and How To Apply

Russia E-Visa for Indians: Fees, Validity, Requirements and How To Apply

Uncover the intricacies of the Russian visa application process and discover the ease of obtaining a visa through LeSo's streamlined platform. This comprehensive article covers essential information for Indian travelers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Section 1: Do Indians Need a Russian Visa?

Indians are required to obtain a visa before entering the country. LeSo facilitates a simplified process under Russia's unified e-visa program, allowing for easy application and entry.

Section 2: Russia E-Visa Overview

LeSo offers Indians the opportunity to acquire a Russia e-visa for various purposes, including tourism, business visits, and participation in events. The e-visa is a single-entry permit, valid for 60 days, with a maximum stay of 16 days.

Section 3: Russia Visa Requirements for Indians

Ensure a successful application by adhering to precise document requirements. LeSo simplifies the process, emphasizing the importance of clear digital copies and accurate visa application forms.

  • Valid national passport with a minimum 6 months' validity.
  • Digital photos of passport data and face meeting Russian authorities' specifications.
  • Bank card with sufficient funds for visa fees.

Note: The e-visa application exempts the need for an invitation letter, hotel booking, or additional documents explaining the purpose of the stay.

Section 4: Russia Visa Application Form Details

You might be required to provide comprehensive information, including details about parents, previous travels, military history, and social media usage. LeSo ensures a smooth submission process, offering real-time assistance.

Section 5: Visa Photo Requirements for Russia E-Visa

Ensure compliance with specifications related to facial expression, background, glasses, and overall photo clarity.

  • Full-Face View: Capture the photo with the head not tilted or turned, eyes open, and mouth closed.
  • Neutral Expression: Ensure a neutral expression with no hair covering eyes.
  • Background: The photo should have a plain, light-colored background without shadows.
  • Glasses: If wearing glasses, ensure eyes are clearly visible with no flash reflections or tinted lenses.
  • Photo Composition: The face should occupy 70-80 percent of the photo, with the top of the head and shoulders visible.
  • Aspect Ratio: Maintain a rectangular shape with a 35x45 aspect ratio.
  • Color and Focus: Colors should be neutral, displaying natural skin tone, with the photo being clear and well-defined.
  • File Format: All digital copies and photos must be in JPEG format.

Section 6: How to Apply for Russia E-Visa from India

Choose the most convenient application method with LeSo, guaranteeing a swift and efficient process.

Apply on LeSo:

  • Visit LeSo's online portal.
  • Select Russia as the destination and enter travel dates.
  • Quickly capture digital photos of passport and self.
  • Review and submit the application, completing the secure payment process.
  • Receive the visa digitally via email, phone, and the LeSo website.

Why Choose LeSo?

  • Avoid complex processes on other portals or offline applications.
  • Efficient digital document uploads.
  • Guaranteed on-time e-visa delivery.
  • Complete your application in under 5 minutes.
  • Real-time application tracking.

Section 7: Checking Russia Visa Status

Track your Russia visa application status effortlessly through LeSo, logging into your personal account on Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or mobile app. Monitor different status types like draft, awaiting payment, accepted for processing, and more.

Section 8: Additional Information About Russia Visa

  • Application Timeframe: Apply no earlier than 40 days and no later than 4 days before the expected date of entry into the Russian Federation.
  • Minors: Minors need a separate e-visa, and there is no fee for those under 6 years old.

With LeSo by your side, the process of obtaining a Russian visa becomes a seamless and efficient experience. Follow our comprehensive guide to ensure accurate applications and embark on an unforgettable journey to Russia. Trust LeSo for reliable information and a stress-free travel experience.